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Who We Are

Human Service Charities of America (HSCA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that represents America’s finest charities in charitable giving opportunities.

About Workplace Giving

Workplace giving provides millions of Americans with a reliable and efficient way to support the causes in which they believe. Members of Human Service Charities of America participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the federal government’s workplace giving campaign, and in a variety of state, local, and corporate campaigns through our sister federation, Neighbor To Nation.

Our Services

HSCA serves its members and donors by carefully vetting charities for financial accountability, excellence in program services, and responsible governance. The result is a group of charities to which donors can give with confidence and charities are proud to belong. HSCA provides high-quality application, fiscal, and marketing services to its members participating in the Combined Federal Campaign.


Human Service Charities of America is committed to transparency and accountability, both in our financial transactions and in our program services. Our most recent IRS Form 990s and Annual Reports are available for your review.

Financial Statements & Annual Reports

Accredited Member Eligibility Standards

Member Accreditation

Accredited members of Human Service Charities of America meet the highest standards of transparency, program impact, and fiscal accountability. HSCA serves these organizations by providing application, marketing, and fiscal services in the Combined Federal Campaign.

Accredited members of HSCA have access to many benefits including:

  • Campaign access and services for the Combined Federal Campaign- a great source of undesignated donations
  • Campaign access and services for state, local, and corporate workplace giving campaigns
  • Membership in an elite group of some of the finest, most respected human service organizations in the country – people helping people!
  • Human Service Charities of America’s Seal demonstrating excellence in financial accountability, transparency, and program impact

Eligibility Checklist

Is a a tax-exempt entity under U.S. Tax Code Section 501(c)3
Is headquartered in the United States
Prepares a Form 990
Conducts an annual financial audit adhering to GAAS and GAAP standards
Accounts for its funds on an accrual basis
Delivers direct substantive public services and programs
Is governed by a Board of Directors, with less than half compensated
Provides services in 15 or more states or one foreign country