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We know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose just one organization to support when the needs and opportunities are so great. To help you decide where to donate your hard-earned money to have the greatest impact and see lives changed, we have developed a group of micro-causes to help your donation go further. 

Your gift will be shared by the accredited organizations that HSCA has carefully vetted and included in each cause program. You can impact more people and support more organizations by selecting one or more cause programs.  Your donation will be shared equally with all the participating organizations.

At checkout, you may also select to provide a recurring donation to the cause(s) that you selected. You can change the schedule or amount at any time. You will receive a receipt for your donation from Human Service Charities of America. One receipt but supporting multiple groups -  makes your giving and tax reporting a lot simpler.

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Disaster & Emergency Relief Cause Fund

All donations to the Disaster Relief Cause Fund allocated to member charities that are dedicated to recovery efforts for any given disaster.


General Health & Rehabilitative Services Cause Program

Disasters come without warning and can affect everyone and anyone. Your donation to the Fund will assist members responding to a catastrophic situation, providing humanitarian aid and emergency relief to persons and communities who have suffered from some form of disaster.


Hero’s Health Fund (CHC Partner)

Not all battles are fought in a war zone. After sacrificing and serving our country, our nation’s military, veterans and first responders still face many challenges. Nearly 1 of every 4 active duty military members shows signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or other mental health conditions. Whether their injuries


Medical Research Cause Program

Your support is needed to advance lifesaving research in a range of fields, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures or improving the application of those already available. Over the years, amazing research has delivered cures for blood cancer,


Suicide Prevention

Anyone could be struggling with suicide. Everyone can plan a role In Suicide Prevention. There is no single cause to suicide. It most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition.


Women’s Health Concerns

The top five medical conditions that are of great concern to women’s health are heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune diseases. Many of these leading threats to women’s health, which can vary based on a woman’s age and background, are preventable.


Youth Development

Help to prepare our young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood and achieve his or her full potential. Youth development is promoted through activities and experiences that help youth develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. Some members working to provide these vital services