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A Child’s Feeding Fund


Hunger kills 17,000 children each day. Providing children with nutritional fruits and vegetables to fight malnutrition and child hunger. Defeating child hunger with networking foodbanks.

Program Overview

Providing worldwide relief and aid to reduce human sufferings as a result of hunger, poverty, disease, war natural disaster and other circumstances creating widespread human need. 17,000 children a day die from malnutrition! The World Health Organization has reported hunger and related malnutrition as the greatest single threat to the world’s public health. Improving nutrition is widely regarded as the most effective form of aid. Feeding disadvantaged children with rescued food is at the heart of what A Child’s Feed Fund does. By networking with charitable organizations and for-profit companies we have been able provide millions of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables that were otherwise destined for land fill.

A Child’s Feeding Fund commenced operations in 2011 and in five years it has provided over 4 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to programs for impoverished families in Arizona and Northern Mexico and assisted in providing transportation of this produce to outlying areas. In 2016 the Organization has expanded its mission by providing MannaPack fortified rice and soy protein meals to Central America and providing over 200,000 meals to the needy children there. It also expanded its presence in central Arizona by supporting a redistribution program of rescued fresh produce for those in need. A Child’s Feeding Fund is an all-volunteer organization directing 99.9% of your contributions to programs that feed children With the continued generous support of donors contributing to the Combined Federated Campaign A Child’s Feeding Fund have plans to broaden its support in the third world countries of Central America, expand our central Arizona presence and open distribution points in Northern Arizona. It is the goal in the coming year to double our support to the needy in Central America by providing MannaPack fortified rice and soy protein meal packages to support a program that rescues malnourished children in remote mountainous regions in Guatemala. In this year A Child’s Feeding Fund has already provided funds to purchase a vehicle to deliver 20 pound boxes of fresh produce to schools that have identified needy families of school students in Central Arizona in a new program called A Box of Life. A Child’s Feeding Fund also has plans to open distribution points for produce in Northern Arizona. Arizona has the third-highest rate in the nation of childhood “food insecurity” (26.8%) according to “Map the Meal Gap” report by Feeding America. Counties in Northern Arizona top the nation where up to 41.5% of the children are deemed to be food insecure. These are extremely ambitious plans from an entirely volunteer organization that can only be obtained through the donations to the CFC.

And finally, a significant by-product of feeding the needy children of the world with rescued produce is the enormous and immediate environmental impact. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency the food in landfills is a significant source of methane gas that has a potent greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Landfills are a major source of human-related methane in the United States accounting for more than 20 percent of all methane emissions.