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A Childs Life Saved


Strengthening impoverished families worldwide by providing basic necessities they cannot provide for themselves by feeding children, providing medicines, reducing poverty, and saving lives.

Program Overview

More harsh economic conditions have left many children throughout the world suffering abandonment and homelessness. We are committed to support orphans and vulnerable children and their families around the world. We will do this with our unique access to rescued medical supplies and financial support. We have been improving health care of the underserved children in third world countries by reclaiming and diverted medical supplies from local landfills to those in need. We have visited programs and identified specific needs in Haiti, Guatemala, the Philippines and Peru that were we hope to ship medicines and medical supplies to ship to these needy people. With your help the Organization will be able to meet these goals and provide education to the public regarding the needs of those living in poverty, injustice and surviving the effects of disasters worldwide.