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American Council of the Blind


Strives to improve quality of life for blind people through scholarships, crisis support, monthly magazine, educating policymakers and the public about capabilities of blind people.

Program Overview

The American Council of the Blind is a national charitable organization. The scope of our programs and services are in most cases designed to benefit the entire population of blind and visually impaired people across the US, and in many cases around the world. ACB also works with over 70 state and special interest affiliates who work more closely with blind and visually impaired individuals.

Our programs include:

  •  Toll-free Information and referral on non-medical aspects of blindness, e.g. vision rehabilitation services.
  • ACB Radio, The ACB Braille Forum and E-Forum providing news, information and entertainment to the blind and visually impaired across the US and around the world.
  • Consulting with industry on employment of people who are blind and visually impaired.
  • Consulting with industry on accessibility of their products and technologies.
  • Promoting the use of Audio Description in the motion picture, television, and theater arts industries.
  • Public education and awareness training.
  • Scholarship Assistance to blind/visually impaired post-secondary students.
  • Direction and Guidance on legal matters relating to blindness.
  • Governmental monitoring, consultation and advocacy.
  • Leadership and legislative training for its members.
  • Advocating for equitable inclusion of blind and visually impaired children in the public school system and preserving residential schools for blind children who require their services.
  • Annual conference and convention conducting over 200 seminars and workshops on matters of interest to blind and visually impaired individuals.