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Picture of a group of people signing Rachel's Challenge

A Story from Rachel’s Challenge – Signed S.

My name is S. All my life I have not been the smallest kid. Instead I have been bullied for my weight, height, musical interest, and my life style. Other students would beat me up, exclude me and pretend I was invisible, and laugh at me non stop. I got used to this as my everyday life. This influenced my diagnosis of major depression, anxiety disorder, and suicidal thoughts. I came so close to ending my life but then I always got this feeling that something soon would come my way that was just right for me. That’s when we learned about Rachel’s Challenge in school. I say there and cried during it knowing I had to do something to try and change the way others treated me. I was soo touched by it I still can’t stop talking about it. Well it turns out I wasn’t the only one. The day after we learned about it, my life completely changed. People approached me and apologized for stuff they did, I was invited to sit with other students at lunch, and I could actually buy my lunch with money. My school has now become closer and more respectful towards one another than it ever has. I hope many other students and kids, and people in general will be as touched and influenced as my school has. Thank you soo much Rachel’s Challenge for everything you have taught me! And thank you Rachel Joy Scott for showing people what your dream was in your journal and essay. I accept the challenge!