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Picture of a group of people signing Rachel's challenge.

A Story from Rachel’s Challenge – Signed A.

I have been going through a lot in my life, I have been the new girl in school countless times because of how many times I’ve moved. I have social anxiety, and so making new friends has not been easy. Also, I feel out of place. I am larger than most girls, and I get picked on for it. I also get picked on for my looks, my braces, my anxiety and more. Also, I also lost my grandfather when I was 3 he died in Disney World after his birthday. I was in the hotel room with him. My great gram passed away recently too and I was very close with her. That on top of being bullied, I was ready to give up. When I heard Rachel’s story, I realized something. That life is too short to worry and to be sad all of the time. Losing family always hurts, but I know that they’re watching over me. So is Rachel. Sure, I didn’t know her, she died months before I was even born. But I know that she watches over me. Her story has had such a huge impact on me. I know I will do big things in this world. I will make a difference, and I will follow my dreams. But most importantly, I will NOT give up. Thank you to Rachel, her uncle Larry for talking to my school and then to me afterwards and for the comforting hugs, and to Rachel’s family and friends for being so strong and giving me hope. I accept Rachel’s Challenge.