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Top Advice for Nonprofit Managers and Leaders in the Year Ahead

Courtesy of The Chronicle of Philanthropy

A new year often brings a bit of hope and renewed commitment to meeting goals, whether personal or professional. Nonprofit leaders may need to recharge their batteries even more often than usual after an unpredictable and eventful year that included budget uncertainties, political and policy upheaval, and worries over tax-law changes that could depress giving.

And, of course, there are always the usual day-to-day challenges of operating an organization and managing employees.

Whether you’re ready to brave political headwinds in 2018 or tackle difficult topics like racism or sexual harassment, or if you just want to help ensure a more secure financial future for your workers, here is a collection of some of our latest and best advice for leaders and managers:

Tips for Leaders
Essential Advice for Nonprofit Chief Executives
A collection of resources to help CEOs lead their organizations to success.

How to Lead Your Team Through a Stressful Time
Experts advise facing sources of stress head on and communicating frequently with colleagues about how you plan to address them.

Management Lessons From a Veteran Nonprofit Leader
Diana Aviv, CEO of Feeding America, answers questions about hiring, managing, and moving to a large nonprofit.

Hiring and Managing Employees
How to Be a Better Nonprofit Manager
A collection of resources to help charity leaders resolve conflict, motivate employees, and assess whether they’re ready to move up to a higher position.

How to Overcome Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process
Experts shine a light on subtle ways prejudice creeps into hiring and offer advice on attracting a more diverse pool of candidates.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Fundraisers
Veteran fundraisers offer tips on how to handle interviews with prospective gift officers.

How to Be a Boss When You’re Supervising Your Friends
What to do when your promotion puts you in charge of your former peers on staff.

Protecting Your Employees
How to Plan a Financial Wellness Day
Help your employees spend time during a designated workday to create a household budget, negotiate lower bills, plan for retirement.

Protecting Fundraisers From Sexual Harassment by Donors: Advice From Experts
Leaders, managers, and board members play a crucial role in helping employees fend off a problem that doesn’t often get discussed: donors who expect sexual favors.